Calibration Equipment FWD/HWD

used to calibrate geophones and load cells. The computer program records the measured values of up to 10 geophones and a reference accelerometer located in the calibration column and calculates the calibration constants for each of the geophones.
When calibrating the load cell using a calibration press, the software records the measured forces displayed by the reference and calibrated load cell and calculates a new calibration value.

Hydraulic Load Cell

It was originally developed for the calibration of load cells for FWD/HWD as a reference load cell with twice the accuracy than commonly used load cells. Output 0 – 5 V, accuracy 0.03 %, range 0 – 350 kN. Due to its robustness, it is now used to measure the loading force in RODOS Deflectometers.

Automated Penetrometer

It is used to determine the CBR of subgrade in situ.
Penetrometer powered by an electric motor with automatic recording of penetration into the laptop. The calculation program determines the course of the CBR of the assessed subsoil.