Who are we?

The company Ing. Pavel Herrmann-RODOS was founded in 1995 in order to develop the software of the Multilevel Pavement Management System. Since 1998, the plan for repairs of emergency sections of roads I and II. classes prepared by this system.
In recent years, our activities have expanded to other areas aimed at supplementing the missing data on roads and a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the road and the design of repair technology. We have also developed our own device for measuring road deflections.

Road construction diagnostics and repair design

It is a complex of activities aimed at gathering the necessary information for technically correct and technologically feasible road repairs. These include taking core boreholes and drilling wells, providing asphalt and soil road laboratories, load capacity measurements, residual life calculations, reinforcement design and road repair technology.
Since 1996, we have made more than 5,000 road repair technology designs and evaluated PCNs at approximately 40 airports in Europe and overseas.

Manufacture of FWD / HWD

Another area of ​​activity is the production of FWD/HWD (Falling Weight Deflectometer / Heavy Weight Deflectometer) equipment for measuring road deflections with damped shock.
For the needs of this device, we develop and innovate necessary and related software applications.

Software development

  • development of applications for FWD/HWD – foreign users
  • development of applications for accurate distance measurement
  • development of applications for photo documentation of road surfaces
  • development of applications for calibration of FWD/HWD sensors
  • development of applications for CBR measurement with penetrometer